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I feel enchantment-freed

A spirit-child enfolded in soul;

It has within my heart in glory

Inscribed the holy word of worlds,

The hope-filled heavenly fruit,

So that joy will resound in distant worlds

Out of ways of God that are found in me.

—by Rudolf Steiner: Calendar of the soul – Translated by John Riedel MD.

  • How can I make Advent an intimate and sacred time and Christmas a real celebration?
  • What does the real Christmas look like that I inwardly long for?
  • How do I find the light in my days that will lead me to Christmas?

On-line date of the biographical workshop: December 8th, 2023 17.00-19.00 Hungarian time (CET)
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Price between 10 and 20 euros

In the spring of 2020, four of us launched a series of biographical workshops related to the cycle of the year and the festivals, using anthroposophy as a basis. Our aim is to enkindle the light of the festival in people by giving an opportunity to deeper understand and connect the festival’s essence to their own lives, biographies. When we are at a given point in the year, this gives a special angle from which we can look at the world and ourselves. Experiencing the festivals and connecting them to our own biography can bring us closer to our life tasks. We strive to aid this process, this time in connection with the Advent and Christmas period. Melinda Stettler, Andrea Osváth, Ágoston Nagy, Anna Risbjerg